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Hiking and camping

While almost all the area of Azerbaijan is a good option for camping and/or hiking, probably Qusar is the best among all embracing best natural spots for both camping and hiking. Magnificient Greater Caucasus and its mind-blowingly beautiful nature is awating for the lovers of hiking and camping or those who just like resting in the silence of nature with family and friends.

Mustafa Kazdal Mosque

If you happen to be in Qusar, necessarily give a visit to Mustafa Kazdal Mosque. Built by Directorate of Religious Affairs of Turkey in late 90s, the design of interier and exterier, as well as the ambiance of the mosque will make you feel somewhere in Istanbul or an ancient Ottoman city.

Laza village and waterfall

Laza is a high mountain village in the northeast slopes of Greater Caucasus. It is famous for its indistinguishable nature.

Population is consisting of Lezgin nationals living in 26 houses. They speak native Lezgin language, Azerbaijani and Russian.

In the vicinity of the village there is a waterfall which is also called Laza.