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Located in the very heart of nature, Gakh is an ideal location for camping lovers

Horse riding

With an amazing landscape mostly consisting of mountains, high plains and forests, Gakh gives you a chance to enjoy great experience of horse riding.

"Mamirli" waterfall

Translated as "Mossy Waterfall", this waterfall is true to its name. It will amaze the guest not only with its own beauty but also eye-catching surroundings

Kurmuk church

It is an ancient church dating back to I-III centuries. The church has unparalleled view of surroinding area from mountain and a peaceful and magical ambiance.

St. George's church

The St George's Church is a Georgian Ortodox Church located in the village of Gakh-Inguila in the Qakh district, 30 metres away from the left bank of the Kakistskali river, northwestern Azerbaijan, on the border with Georgia, where the Ingiloy - Georgians  live compactly (about 7,500 people). 

Sumuq qala

It is a defense tower in the vicinity of Ilisu village. Consturction of the tower dates back to XVIII century.

"Ulu korpu" bridge

It is a bridge on the Kurmukchay river nearby the village of Ilisu. Construction date of the bridge is XVIII century.

"Ilisu" village

"Ilisu" is an ancient village in Qakh region of Azerbaijan.First residents of the village is believed to inhabit the area in  XIII century.

The village is famous especially for the following:

- Fascinating natural beauty;

- Ancient Oguz-Turkic dialect of people;

- Being the center of Ilisu soltanate for 300 years;

- Religious and secular educational centers;

- Scientists spread all over the world.

Iceri Bazaar

Iceri Bazaar is a district of Qakh city encircled by fortress wallls, towers and gates. Age of the bazaar goes back to first half of XVIII century.


With many rivers running through mountains and plains, there are good conditions for fishing in Qakh.