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Tufandag Mountain Resort

Tufandag Mountain Resort offers its visitors a natural scenery of incomparable beauty and harmony. Set like a jewel in the crown of mountains that surround it, Tufandag Mountain Resort is a must see place for nature lovers and sports enthusiasts.

"Nohurgol" Lake & Fishing

Eye-catching Lake Nohur with the magnificent view to Caucasus Mountains, fresh air and water is one of the most picturesque places of Gabala. The visitors are amazed by the beauty of Lake Nohur. The quiet atmosphere and bird sounds create an ideal relaxation environment to escape from the noise of the city. Although swimming in the lake is prohibited (the lake is also used as a reservoir and provides drinking water for Gabala and surrounding regions), it is a perfect place for fishing. You can also take a boat and catamaran ride and enjoy the surrounding landscape. Gabala Chenot Hotel is located on the northern coast of the lake.

Wine tasting tour to Savalan Winery

Savalan Winery is a large winery with its own wineyards and plant where the most advanced Italian technologies are used to create unique wines in the best traditions of Italian quality. During a wine tasting tour you can see whole components of wine making such as large areas of grape trees, the very process of wine making with latest technology, wine warehouse where they have used original barrels made of tree for storing wine. 

Bucket Bazaar

All Colours Of Fruits….

There is a bazaar in which here the unit of measure is not scales on the road, but bucket (vedra) where all the products are sold in a bucket (vedra) or by unit. Bazaar is situated on the Baku-Gabala-Baku road. Local people sell their fruits, vegetables and other products gathered from their gardens and fields.

It is possible to find special seasonings for winter supply, healing herbs gathered from the mountains, home-made marinade fruits and vegetables, dried fruits and many rarely found products in this colourful bazaar. These glass containers put on the wooden shelves attract the attention of passers-by.
It is possible to buy some of the most unusual kinds of jams such as walnut jam, canker bloom jam, rose jam, as well as, juice of barberry, doshab, bakmaz, natural honey from the Caucasus Mountains etc. in order to use in the treatment of many diseases naturally.

Seven Beauties (Yeddi Gozel) waterfall

This mountainous waterfall flowing from the highest peaks of the Caucasus Mountains and locates in Vandam village of Gabala. The name of the Seven Beauties (Yeddi Gozal) Waterfall originates from the name of the 7 mountain roads that should pass to reach the waterfall. As the waterfall is completely frozen in the winter, it gets harder to get here. But in spring and summer, tea houses are available on every mountain road, where the guests are offered a tea set with traditional types of Gabala jam. At the highest point of the waterfall there is a tea house with a special wooden mattress where you can drink tea with the pleasant sound and scenery of the waterfall in the background. The water of the tea is taken from the waterfall and gives a unique taste to it.

Gabala Shooting Club



Gabala Shooting Club is part of the Gabala Sport Club, a world-class facility that prepares the athletes for the national teams of Azerbaijan in shooting, boxing, karate, taekwondo, soccer, and judo. The reason behind building the GSC was to develop a multi-purpose and world-class shooting facility in Azerbaijan that can serve both as a recreational and entertainment center, and as a training place for the national shooting team and international professionals, as well as to promote the shooting as a sport in national level.


  • 5 combined shooting ranges
  • 8 sporting ranges
  • 3 indoor and outdoor rifle/pistol halls
  • Archery shooting pitch
  • Flag square
  • Shooting School
  • Restrooms
  • Greenness for rest of sportsmen and visitors
  • Strikeball/Paintball
  • 2 office blocks
  • Medical point
  • Children playground
  • Restaurant and lounge
  • Photo studio
  • Sport-hunting appliances shop
  • Parking lot



When travelling to Gabala one should visit the following museums in order to enrich his experience of Azerbaijan.

1. Gabala Historical Ethnography Museum
This museum presenting 2500 year history of Gabala was created in 1980. More than 12.000 exhibits of ancient, medieval and recent history are displayed in the museum.

2. Heydar Aliyev Museum
This museum, which was commissioned in 2007, contains pictures about the life and activities of national leader of Azerbaijan Haydar Aliyev. There are more than 200 pictures, archival materials and various books in the museum. Moreover, the museum also operates as a Gabala branch of world-famous Haydar Aliev Foundation.

3. Museum of Wine
Museum of Wine is located in historic Savalan, where historic vineyard fields of Gabala existed, in the territory of Aspi-Agro wine factory. Unique exhibits shown in the museum indicates that the territory of Gabala is one of the foremost regions in the area of vine-growing. At present, cubes and clay dishes for the burying of wine are being discovered in the different excavations.

Wellness tourism

Relaxation and tranquility on nature…

Gabala, where ancient treatment traditions and sanatoriums locates, has influenced the operating of sanatorium-type facilities from past years with mineral water springs and ongoing fertile climatic conditions. Currently, Gabala has two hotels operating as sanatorium and healthcare services.

One of them is Qafqaz Thermal Hotel that is located in former “Yengica” sanatorium and offers “Yengica” thermal water treatment.  
Diseases treated by Yengica mineral water include: joint pains, nervous system diseases, bone aches, rheumatic pains, muscle aches, skin diseases, osteochondrosis and other diseases.Yengica water is famous for its healing feature. Its mineral composition consists of Na+,Ca+,SiO2-2,H3SiO4,K+,Mg2+,NH4+,Cl-,SO2-4 and other elements. Treatments are performed in warmer wooden baths at no more than 38˚ and no more than 10 procedures under the control of the physician. Each procedure takes about 15 minutes.
Besides the treatment with Yengica mineral water, Qafqaz Thermal Hotel provides treatment services with Naftalan oil, which is the only one in the northern region.Naftalan oil is capable of treating up to 70 diseases by containing inflammation, acupuncture, vascular, anti-allergic, metabolic features. This unique natural remedy helps people to get rid of some illnesses without drugs.

Chenot Palace Hotel is located on the shores of Lake Nohur, in the most picturesque area of Gabala. Chenot Palace Hotel offers new treatment with detox and anti-stress programs, which is the latest trend in the world giving new breathing to therapeutic tourism. Luxurious treatments help you in the renewal of your soul, body and brain and keep you away from the noise.

Special medical-aesthetic laboratory, treatment room with ice-cryotherapy rooms up to -110 degrees, treatment with antigravitasis and physiotherapy devices include here. The hotel also has medical and spa staff from Europe, as well as, specialist chefs for diet dishes.


Discover the gifts of nature from the skies of Gabala.


Heights of Greater Caucasus full of natural beauties and slopes full of adrenaline will make your skiing experience in Gabala an unforgettable one.

Nij village

The village of Nij, located forty kilometers south west of Gabala, Azerbaijan is the world's only settlement of Udi people. It has a population of 5,744.
The forefathers of the Udi people were members of one of the twenty six Caucasian Albanian tribes who played an important role in the creation of the state of Caucasian Albania. Ancient Udi was the principal language of Caucasian Albania. 

The settlement of Nij is a unique district, with its unusual planning lay out, transport systems, and its public, private and religious buildings. Nij is also a unique place, as various ethnic and religious groups co-existed throughout the centuries. Traditional ceremonies, rites, beliefs and traditions are the integral elements of an intangible cultural heritage. This is mostly reflected in the names and observance of national holidays. One such holiday is called Comrad, and is celebrated near a church, whereby, according to the tradition, the sacrifice of a black sheep is required. It is worth noting that this rite is similar to the Gurban Holiday (Eid al-Adha) – a sacred holiday of Islam, widely celebrated by Azerbaijanis. One of the popular holidays of the Udi people is Zhogulun Akhsibay, celebrated on the arrival of Spring. On that day, each family cooks a meal called kherse, paints eggs and jumps over bonfires. Many elements of this holiday are similar to those of the Novruz (Spring) Holiday of Azerbaijan.